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Welcome to the Department of Health Services website for regulations! Here you can search for and read both proposed and emergency regulations and submit your comments regarding the regulations.

Making Comments on DHS Regulations

Select a regulation and submit your comments below.

Note: Comments made on regulations become public information. Please do not include a Social Security Number, a Medi-Cal or other health plan identification number, or other personal information in your comments.

The Department is required to consider and address all comments received during the initial public comment period (which is at least 45 days), as well as comments on additional proposed changes (which are made available for 15 days or more). The Departmentís responses to comments are contained in the Final Statement of Reasons. This document will be published on this website when completed and available. Direct responses to individual commenters are not prepared.

It is suggested but not required that:
(a) your comments be made in reference to the section numbers of the regulation package on which you are commenting, and
(b) your comments be as specific as possible, including suggested language.

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This comment box can accommodate a maximum of approximately two pages of typed comments.
If your comments are lengthier than this and/or you have attachments, please send them to
regulation@dhs.ca.gov as an email attachment, or by other mail or other means as noted below.


Join the mailing list for this regulation. Although notices of availability for additional changes to this regulation will be posted on this site, check this box if you would like to be notified of such changes. We are only able to send notices of additional changes by postal mail, so please fill in your street address or post office box, city, state and zip code.


Mailing Address via the U.S.Postal Office:
California Department of Health Services
Office of Regulations
MS 0015
P.O.Box 997413
Sacramento, CA 95899-7413

Mailing Address for Courier Deliveries ONLY (UPS,FedEx,Golden State Overnight, etc):
California Department of Health Services
Office of Regulations
MS 0015
1501 Capitol Avenue, Suite 71.5131
Sacramento, CA 95814-5005

Email- regulation@dhs.ca.gov

By FAX : (916) 440-7714

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